Unlock memory card password

unlockMany people like to keep their files secure on a memory card, and they often lock the card with the help of a password. Sometimes what happens is that people tend to forget the password of their memory card which makes them unable to access their data.

Here you will find some ways that can help you recover or change the passwords of your memory card.

The first method is to remove the memory card password with the help of a computer. For this, you must first transfer the “mncstore” file from your phone to your PC. You should then access the file using Notepad, in this way you will be able to see the password of your memory card.

The second method to recover the password of your memory card is to use a software. For this, you must first insert the memory card to some other device and connect the device to a computer. After that, you should right click on the folder and select menu option. From here you can easily remove the password and unlock your memory card.

If you are willing to risk the loss of your data, then you simply need to format the memory card. It will then be as good as new and it won’t ask you for a password. These were a few ways that you can use in order to unlock your memory card when you are unable to remember the password and lose access to your files.

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