TypeWith.me Terms of Service / Privacy Policy

Terms of Service

  • You own whatever content you enter.
  • Don't be malicious or do anything illegal.
  • TypeWith.me is a free service. We hope you find it useful, but availability or performance cannot be guaranteed. Use at your own risk. Please export your data regularly.
  • Pads which have not been used in more than 90 days may be deleted.

Privacy Policy

  • We won't republish your content in other places, but please note that typewith.me pads may be read by anyone who has or can guess the URL.
  • We won't look at your content unless it's critically necessary for operation or safety of the service.
  • Details of your access to the server is logged for the purpose of maintaining the service.
  • On request, we will provide any logs required by law to authorized officials.
  • Not intended for use by children under the age of 13.
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