How to Type Fast

Typing is the part and parcel of our daily lives. However many people out their struggle to type fast. If you are among such people then do not worry as in this little discourse we will share with you some of the tips through which you can type faster. The best methodology of typing fast is “Touch Typing”. Touch typing is the type of typing in which you look on the screen rather than on the Keyboard.  Some touch typing tips are as follows

  • First of all sit straight and ensure that your elbows are bent at right angle
  • Curve your fingers and place them on the JKL and ASDF keys. This particular row is called Home Row. Always start your typing from these keys.
  • Press the keys only with fingers that are reserved for them
  • Always get back to the fingers starting position
  • While typing you should imagine the symbol’s location on the Keyboard
  • Maintain rhythm while typing
  • Always press the SHIFT key with your pinky finger
  • While typing utilize your thumb for the pressing of space bar
  • Slide your fingers as far as finding of home row making is concerned, do not look at the keyboard
  • Do not move your hands and fingers too much. Keep them linked with the base position
  • Give due attention to your little and ring fingers as these fingers are underdeveloped
  • Do not rush while typing, try to type fast only once you get the feel of the Keyboard

These were some of the basic guidelines as far as fast typing is concerned. We have some gaming applications as well today that can help you in improving your typing speed. To improve your typing you need to type more as practice makes a man perfect.



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