Free Typing Games Online

Typing games are great for both kids and adults. Kids can learn how to spell and improve their cognitive abilities, while adults can test and improve their typing speed and accuracy. But also, who doesn’t like fun typing games?

Below you’ll find some of the most exciting typing games on the internet that are suitable for both children and adults. Make sure to carefully read the instructions so you would be able to excel and not waste any time trying to figure it out on your own.

Trash Typer

Trash Typer is a very dynamic typing game that is suitable for individuals who are familiar with letters and using the keyboard. A great thing about this game is the fact that it will test users’ abilities with many different words. That will aid in improving their knowledge, or even teaching them some new words. Users have to install Adobe Flash so the game could work.

Here’s how it goes: Trash bubbles are falling from the top of the screen. Users need to type each of the words that are located inside the bubble and press enter once done. If done successfully, a cute dinosaur will appear and take away the trash. Users will have four chances to complete a level before having to start over. The words get harder as the game progresses.


Typetastic is another interactive game that’s one of the best on the market. The game was designed to help individuals enhance their typing proficiency. It’s suitable for both kids and adults since it’s entertaining and fast-paced.

This game was specifically designed to engage individuals who’d like to improve their letter placement recognition by using the keyboard. Typetastic has more than thirty different games with about ten levels each. By playing this game, individuals can learn and improve the following aspects:

  • Keyboard letter placement
  • Hand dexterity
  • Reading comprehension
  • Color and letter recognition
  • Problem-solving

Typing Olympics

Typing Olympics is excellent for individuals who have a strong competitive spirit and who like to win by using their skills and knowledge. This game is extremely engaging, and it requires a great focus. It’s also very fast-paced, which will help players improve their typing speed, hand dexterity, as well as letter recognition. It required Adobe Flash.

Here’s how it goes: There are a couple of different users playing the game, which is set in a racing-type environment. Players will have to outrun their rivals by rapidly typing the sentences that are shown on the bottom of the screen. The faster you type – the further you’ll go.

Although typing games can seem like they have no point, that is just untrue. There are many different benefits of playing such games, including improving one’s hand dexterity, typing speed, letter recognition, sentence forming, expanding vocabulary, improving typing muscle memory, and letter placement on the keyboard. Plus, they are very dynamic, making them perfect for kids who like to learn while having fun.