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types of type is a document creation tool. With this, tool, you can literally view everything that other persons write on the document board in a real time.
This is very useful for online meetings, strategies, collaborations, project management and consulting. It is one of the most popular tools while a group of people is working on the same project. Which can have a lot of different parts and sub-parts?

It is recommended and useful to use VPN service while you working with TypeWithMe software because it can protect your work-team data while you are sharing one network connection.

With our tool you will do much more than before, but stay focused on writing skills too:

Typing is the part and parcel of our daily lives. However many people out their struggle to type fast. If you are among such people then do not worry as in this little discourse we will share with you some of the tips through which you can type faster. The best methodology of typing fast is “Touch Typing”. Touch typing is the type of typing in which you look on the screen rather than on the Keyboard.  Some touch typing tips are as follows

    • First of all sit straight and ensure that your elbows are bent at right angle
    • Curve your fingers and place them on the JKL and ASDF keys. This particular row is called Home Row. Always start your typing from these keys.
    • Press the keys only with fingers that are reserved for them
    • Always get back to the fingers starting position

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