Benefits of Learning How to Type Fast and Accurately

Typing used to be one of the most valued skills in the past. Then, it was more challenging to operate those giant, bulky typewriters; hence, individuals who mastered fast typewriting were very cherished and had better job opportunities. Nowadays, however, when computers are much more ergonomic, knowing how to type fast doesn’t seem that special. Moreover, there are various speech-to-text tools that have reduced the need for typing.

Although it’s become much more simplified, typing skills, as well as accuracy, are still very important. Mastering these skills will reap many benefits, including the following:

1. Improved Manual Dexterity

Manual dexterity is the ability to use your hands and fingers to perform certain actions efficiently. Furthermore, manual dexterity includes using one’s neurological, muscular, and skeletal functions to perform small, coordinated, and precise motions. Having good dexterity is very important for doing day-to-day things, such as picking up items. By improving your manual dexterity, you will directly improve your reflexes and overall body response to rapid movements. Fast typing is one of the most common and most effective exercises for improving one’s hand and finger coordination.

2. Saving Time

Typing is an everyday occurrence that is often unavoidable, especially during work. By learning how to type fast and accurately, individuals will get their work done quicker. The feeling of completing a job successfully before the deadline is irreplaceable. It will also allow individuals to spend that extra time on something else. According to research by Ratatype, by typing fast you can save up to 21 days per year. Also, if one’s confident in their typing and accuracy abilities, the need for e-mail and text revisions will be brought down to a minimum.

3. Prospective Job Opportunities

Knowing how to type fast and accurately is a great asset when it comes to seeking job opportunities. It’s that one special thing that can separate an individual from the crowd. Why? Because everyone likes productive people and everyone knows how valuable time is. Employers would more likely hire a person that has mastered these skills over someone who isn’t efficient at this everyday, repetitive task. Also, there is an abundance of jobs that require this skill.

4. Increased Productivity and Focus

Since typing is unavoidable in a work setting, knowing how to type fast and accurately means that there will be less time spent on these mundane tasks. Then, individuals can use up the extra time to get even more work done. Also, these skills require great focus. By continuously using fast typing and accuracy skills, one’s focus will eventually become superhuman. Increased attention is beneficial in all aspects of life, especially nowadays, when it’s too difficult to concentrate on something due to all the distractions.

Who would say that such a seemingly simple thing can reap so many benefits? What’s amazing about having these skills is the fact that they aren’t that difficult to learn. It indeed requires some time and effort. But, once mastered, it will definitely make your life much more comfortable.